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Ultimatum to Government to equip Private Security Guards with Covid-19 PPEs

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic surge~ private security officers today call upon the Government and relevant authorities to urgently;

  1. Enforce the 18pc minimum wage directive(s) by the President to cushion guards against the hard financial ~ crisis being experienced within the cadre.
  2. Allocate a bare minimum budget from the Covid-19 fund to support the guards, currently as the forefront victims in terms of Covid ~19 infection.
  3. Urgently set up a comprehensive capacity building program that will see guards empowered on pre/post Covid ~19 challenges.

I /( We) remind concerned authorities that;

  1. Guards have the highest level of physical interaction than any other essential service providers in the country, hence highly vulnerable and prone to Covid-19 virus.
  2. Guards are spread allover and a majority in the peri- urban and urban centers~ hence critical in any efforts geared by the Govt towards fighting the pandemic.
  3. Guards are listed as essential service providers and MUST be equally treated with fairness just like the medics and other listed essential service providers in terms of protection and financial cushioning. We vow to proceed with petitioning the Government through the courts to seek remedial intervention measures, including and not limited to calling for a nation ~ wide strike for the sake of hundreds of thousands guards that have been hit hard by the COVID- 19.

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