Our Structures of Governance 

Current National Secretariat 

Sno  Position  Name 
1  Chief Executive Officer   Bro. Isaac GM Andabwa 
2  Administrator  Edna Chirande 
3  Legal Officer  Cynthia Onyancha 
4  Industrial relations person  Jack Omenda 
5  Dispute resolutions officer  Samson Matete 
6  Dispute resolutions officer  Jairus Shamala 
7  Dispute resolutions officer  Benson Okunyo 
8  Accountant  Rachael Misiani 
9  Executive Secretary  Everlyne John 
10  Secretary  Carolyne Inziani 
11  Administrative Secretary  Bellah Esese 
12  Secretary  Sheila Sayo 
13  Chauffer  Oscar Livondo 
14  Bodyguard  Boniface Shititi 
15  Bodyguard  Rodgers Omulando 
16  Office Assistant  Protus Bugundu 

 National Executive Council (NEC) 

The  Union’s  National Executive Committee (also referred  to as the `NEC), is composed of the National Chairperson, the National Vice-Chairperson, the National General Secretary, Deputy General  Secretary , the Assistant National General Secretary ,the National Treasurer, the Deputy National Treasurer, National Organizing Secretary, Three Trustee and Seven (7) members elected at NDC. In the event of death, resignation or expulsion of a member of the NEC, the casual vacancy shall be filled by NEC through appointing a person from among its members and or members of the Union. However, where such vacancy arises in respect of branch representative, such vacancy is always be filled by the branch by appointing a suitable representative from among the branch Committee members. A member of the NEC: 

  1. May be removed through a vote by Two-Thirds (2/3) of the members entitled to attend and vote. 
  2. Shall cease to be a member if he or she is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without first obtaining the National Chairperson`s permission or without reasonable cause.
  3. Any member found to be of questionable character and track or criminal record ceases to be an official of the union automatically.

The Current Union’s Office bearer’s for the period running from 21.08.2010 to 21.08.2016: 

1  National Chairman  Elijah Ogoti Manani 
 2  National Vice Chairman  Bernard Ikoha 
3  National Vice Chairman  Eunice Kutto 
4  Secretary General  Isaac Andabwa GM 
5  Dept.Sec.General  Walterson Toro 
6  Dept.Sec General  Basilius Likalai 
7  Asst.Sec General  Richard Lumuli 
8  Asst.Sec General  Joseph O.Ajode 
9  Asst.Sec General  Aden Kassim 
10  Asst.Sec General  Peter Odima 
11  National Treasurer  Joash Soita Andawa 
12  Asst.Nat.Treasurer  Philip Nyauma 
13  Nat.Org.Secretary  Thomas Kiptoo 
14  Ass.Nat.Org.Secretary  George Kungu(Acting) 
15  Nat.Trustee  Protas Simiyu 
16  Nat.Trustee  Hanningtone O.Nyangor 
17  Nat.Trustee  Zakayo Juma